Race Marks

ASPBYC Schedule of Common Marks
  1. All permanent and semi-permanent marks in San Pedro Bay (the Los Angeles and Long Beach Area) will be designated by a number.
  2. Numbers have been assigned to all marks in four groups:
    • Long Beach Area
      • 1 - 25 Permanent Marks
      • 30 - 49 Semi-permanent Marks
    •  Los Angeles Area
      • 50 - 75 Permanent Marks 
      • 80 - 99 Semi-permanent Marks
  3. All revisions, additions, and deletions affecting permanent and semi-permanent marks in the San Pedro Bay area are to be cleared through the Association of San Pedro Bay Yacht Clubs.
Schedule of Permanent Marks
1. Anaheim Bay Channel Buoy R "2" Q R Whistle
3. Platform Esther
4. Platform Eva
5. Platform Emmy
7. Island White
8. Island Chaffee
9. Island Freeman
10. East End of the Long Beach Breakwater
13. West End of the Long Beach Breakwater Queen's Gate
16. Anaheim Bay Channel Buoy G "1" FL G 4 sec BELL
18. Platform Ellen and Elly
19. East End of the Middle Breakwater
20. Platform Edith
24. Anaheim Bay Channel Buoy CG"3"
27. R "2" Buoy near Pier J 
50. West End of the Middle Breakwater Angel's Gate
51. Los Angeles Entrance Buoy (Passing Mark Only. DO NOT ROUND)
53. Channel Buoy RN "2", 150 yards east of the former coal dock
55. Point Fermin Whistle Buoy R "6" FL R 4 sec WHISTLE
58. East End of the San Pedro Breakwater Angel's Gate

Schedule of Semi-Permanent Marks

1.0 Mark locations vary slightly due to tide changes which affects swing.
2.0 Marks may not be on station for various reasons.
3.0 The Spar Buoys are Yellow
4.0 Locations and distances, when given are approximate
5.0 Chart references: No's, 18746 & 18749