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ASPBYC Harbor Challenge Race Deed Of Gift

ASPBYC Harbor Challenge Race
Deed of Gift
The Harbor Challenge Trophy
In Memory of Walt Elliot

A trophy, to be known as the Walt Elliott Harbor Challenge Trophy, is presented herewith to the Association of San Pedro Bay Yacht Clubs for the purpose of promoting interclub fleet racing on a challenge basis among the member clubs of the Association. The terms and conditions upon which
this gift is made are as follows:
1. This trophy shall be and remain the property of and shall be a perpetual trophy of the Association of San Pedro Bay Yacht Clubs, its successors and assigns. Should the Association go out of existence without
another Association or a corporation having been assigned or succeeded to its properties and functions, then this trophy will revert and be returned to the undersigned donor, if living, otherwise to her assigns or if she has made no assignment thereof then to her next of kin. 
2. The provisions of this Deed of Gift which are hereinafter set forth may be amended from time to time and at any time by the Association, but any such amendment during the lifetime of the donor shall be subject
to her written approval. 
3. Competition for this trophy shall be in monohull yachts propelled by sails, and if equipped with power, such power shall not be used during a race. Each yacht must be skippered by a member of the club which it
represents, and only a member of such club may steer the yacht during races for this trophy.
4. Any member club of the Association may challenge the club holding the trophy. Such challenge must be in writing, signed by a flag officer of the challenging club and must state the name of the challenging club, the class or the handicap rule under which each yacht must be rated, and if a handicap rule, a rating with which each challenging and defending yacht shall have a rating that is not more than five percent (5%) higher or lower.
5. The competition for the trophy shall be sailed in the month of April. Challenges must be submitted in writing in the month of February. The defending club, no sooner than March 1st nor later than March 10th,
shall accept one of such challenges. The acceptance of a challenge must be in writing, signed by a flag officer of the defending club, and shall be mailed to each member club of the Association. The accep31
tance shall state: 
(a) The names of the defending and challenging clubs.
(b) The class or the handicap rule and the rating stated in the challenge.
(c) Whether the competition is to be determined by one race or a series of three races.
(d) The date or dates when such races will be held.
(e) The location in the defender's home waters where the races are to be held.
(f) The name and address to which notices of additional challenges entered by other member clubs are to be addressed.
(g) That additional challenges must be received at the address in no later than March 31st.
6. Not less than ten (10) days prior to the date of the first of said races or March 31st, whichever date is earlier, all the challenging clubs and the defending club each shall notify each other member club of the Association of the name of each yacht and skipper that will represent it in the challenge races.
7. The defending club shall provide for all the needs of the races and shall assume full responsibility for such races. There shall be no entry fee. The Association shall have no control over or responsibility for any of
such races.
8. The Association shall arrange for and maintain insurance upon the trophy in the amount of One Thousand and no/100 Dollars ($1,000.00) against all risk with any loss in connection therewith payable to the
Association, and in the event of a loss or damage, such moneys shall be used for the replacement or repair of the trophy.
9. The Association shall arrange to have the trophy suitably engraved with the names of each winning yacht, its class, the skipper thereof, the club represented and the date won, prior to delivery of the trophy to the
winning club. The Association also shall arrange to have presented to each winner a suitable take-home trophy properly engraved.
10. Any matter not fully covered hereunder and any question arising under the within provisions shall be finally determined without right of appeal by the Association of San Pedro Bay Yacht Clubs.
Deed of Gift Revision, June 14, 1992
Filed by the Association Secretary, Bill Lewis, NYCLB
Donated by Betty Elliott Field.