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ASPBYC Yachtsman of the Year

ASPBYC Yachtsman of the Year

The Association of San Pedro Bay Yacht Clubs, hereinafter referred to as the Association, does hereby create an award, represented by a trophy to be known as "The Yachtsman of the Year Trophy" to be presented to the "Yachtsman of the Year," selected as hereinafter set forth.

  • The Yachtsman of the Year Trophy is a service award for which a perpetual trophy is awarded and displayed at the club of the recipient until his successor recipient is named. The trophy remains the property of the Association, who shall have sole right to determine its disposition. Each recipient of the trophy shall also receive an appropriate plaque or scroll that he may keep, commemorating the award.
  • The trophy shall be conferred no more frequently than once in each calendar year, but it need not be conferred each year. The trophy shall be conferred on no more than one recipient in each year.
  • The trophy shall be awarded to yachtsmen from within San Pedro Bay who have made a great or creative contribution to the yachting community of San Pedro Bay. Current officers of the ASPBYC are not eligible to receive the award.
  • Each club that is a member of the Association shall have the right to nominate yachtsmen for the award. Each club may nominate one or more nominees. A nominee need not be a member of the club nominating him, but shall be a member in good standing of a club belonging to the Association. Nominations shall be in writing, signed by a flag officer of the nominating club and shall include sufficient information about the nominee to assist the Committee in making their selection. Nominations shall be filed with the Secretary of the Association on or before November 1 of each year.
  • The Selection Committee shall consist of five members, one of whom shall be the Chairman; all appointed by the Commodore of the Association. In addition to the foregoing, former recipients of the award shall be members of the Selection Committee automatically, without being especially appointed. The Selection Committee shall meet as soon after November 1 of each calendar year as may be convenient for the purpose of considering the nominations.
  • The Selection Committee shall carefully consider all of the nominations, and shall then recommend that none, or one, or more than one of the nominees named be considered at a special meeting of the Yachtsman of the Year Committee in December, and the vote of the majority of the delegates at that meeting shall determine the recipient of the award. 
  • This deed of gift may be amended at any time by a two-thirds vote of the delegates at a meeting of the Association, provided written notice of the proposed amendment has been delivered or mailed postage prepaid to each member club at least thirty (30) days prior to the meeting at which the amendment is to be considered.

Deed of Gift filed May 20, 1987 by Association Secretary, Richard Goodman, CBYC
Revised Deed of Gift filed September 13, 1999 by Association Secretary, Jonathan Mitsumori, CBYC

2017 Jonathan Mitsumori CBYC
2016 Mike Guccione SYC
2014 John O'Connor CBYC
2013 Jeff Landers SYC
2012 Franklin D. Ross SYC
2011 Richard Tyhurst NYCLB
2010 Terry Hanna SlBYC
2009 Dave Cort LAYC
2008 Steve Smith ABYC
2007 Frank Dair CBYC
2006 Mike Ludt ABYC/SIBYC
2005 Jarel Ervin HYC
2004 Harlan Moore LBYC
2003 Jerry Dalley SlBYC
2002 Charles F. Merrill ABYC
2001 Chuck Kober ABYC
1997 Chris Ericksen ABYC
1996 Mike McMahon ABYC
1995 Jerry Montgomery ABYC
1993 Don Zinn CBYC
1992 Joe Baiunco CBYC
1991 Bill Lewis NYCLB
1990 Jerry Frick HHYC
1989 Bob Robb SlBYC
1988 Don Brown SlBYC/ABYC

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