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ASPBYC San Pedro Bay Cup Administration Directive

ASPBYC San Pedro Bay Cup
Administration Directive
Governing the San Pedro Bay Cup Regatta

1. Purpose — The San Pedro Bay Cup Regatta is designed to promote team racing competition among member clubs of the Association of San Pedro Bay Yacht Clubs (Association). The format will be team
2. Eligibility — All clubs who are members of the Association in the year of the regatta are eligible to compete. Said clubs are hereinafter called "eligible clubs". All clubs electing to participate in a particular
year are hereinafter called "participating clubs".
3. Management — The Cabrillo Beach Yacht Club shall be responsible for the race management unless CBYC requests the Association appoint another club.
4. Venue — The regatta shall be conducted within the environs of San Pedro Bay.
5. Racing Dates — The regatta shall be conducted annually on a weekend in the months of September, October, or November. The Association shall advise all eligible clubs of the racing day or days. A Notice
of Race shall be provided to each eligible club not less than sixty (60) days prior to the regatta.
6. Constitution of Teams — Each eligible club may enter a team in the regatta. Each boat shall be an ocean racing monohull of not less thantwenty (20) feet in overall length. Each year the Association shall suggest
the number of boats per team, the rating system to be used and the rating parameters for that year not less than ninety (90) days before the regatta; all eligible clubs' boats will be taken into consideration when
establishing these parameters with the idea of giving all eligible clubs an opportunity to successfully compete. If an objection is made, the delegates shall resolve the dispute not less than seventy-five (75) days
before the regatta. In administering this provision, paramount importance shall be placed on achieving the highest level of overall competition. Unless otherwise established by the Association and specified by
the Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions, the teams shall be made up of four (4) boats, the sum of which PHRF ratings shall be no less than 480 seconds per mile; no boat may have a rating higher than 196 seconds
per mile, and no two (2) boats may have ratings closer than three (3) seconds per mile. As long as these parameters are in use, at least two (2) of a team's boats must be owned in whole or part by a member
in good standing of the participating club.
7. Rules and Equipment — The regatta shall be governed by the Racing Rules of Sailing, including rules D1, D2.1 and D2.2; applicable rules of the Performance Handicap Racing Fleet (PHRF) as long as PHRF
ratings are used; and sailing instructions established each year for the regatta. No disqualification or any other penalty shall be imposed for:
(a) an owner's driving another boat if both owners meet the requirements
for Paragraph 8: or (b) missing or mismatched sail numbers if Race Committee has been advised of the numbers. Sailing Instructions shall be provided to each participating club not later than seven (7)
days before the regatta. All boats must fly their club burgee, prominently, from the backstay
during all races. As long as PHRF ratings are used, the regatta shall be Category IV event and a VHF radio is required. Crews, sails and helmspersons may be changed between races providing the requirements
of paragraph 8 are met.
8. Helmsperson and Crew — Every helmsperson must be a member in good standing of the represented yacht club. Except for emergencies, persons failing to meet the criteria may not steer any portion of the
races. Crews may be changed between races but the number of crew must remain the same throughout the regatta. As long as PHRF ratings are used, the MIR Rules will apply.
9. Entries — Not less than thirty (30) days before the regatta, participating clubs shall submit a complete entry that includes a list of the boats, owners, handicaps, and helmspersons representing the club. After the
entry is submitted, boats may only be substituted with the written consent of the Association prior to the start of the first race. No further substitutions will be allowed after the first race. If a boat's rating is
changed after the entry is submitted and prior to the regatta by the rating authority, the prior rating shall be used to determine the club's compliance with Paragraph 7, but the most current rating shall be used
for the regatta.
10. Scoring — Each boat's finishing position will be established by the order of finishes without application of handicap calculations. The team finishing position in each race will be established by the sum of
each boat's finishing position, and then the Low Point scoring system, rule A2, will be applied; the team with the lowest point total for each race will be the winner for that race, the team with the next lowest
point total will be second and so on, and ties on points will be broken in accordance with rule A1.4(a). The team with the lowest series point total at the end of the series will be the winner, the team with the next
lowest series point total will be second and so on.
11. Trophies — The winning club shall be awarded the San Pedro Bay Cup at the trophy presentation. Individual take-home trophies may be awarded. To cover the cost of individual trophies, race management
and related festivities, an entry fee may be charged.
12. Jury — The protest committee shall be composed of three (3) to five (5) members. Each participating club shall assign a qualified judge who is willing to serve on a protest committee. Additional judges may
be assigned by the Association. The chief judge shall be designated by the Association.
13. Revisions of this Administrative Directive — Except for Paragraph 3 above, the details of this Administrative Directive may be modified at any time by a two-thirds vote of the delegates at a meeting of the Association, provided written notice of the proposed revisions has been delivered or mailed postage prepaid to each member club at least thirty (30) days prior to the meeting at which the revision is to be considered, except that such revisions may not be made less than ninety (90) days prior to the scheduled date of the regatta.
Revised Directive filed, September 13, 1999
Filed by the Association Secretary, Jonathan Mitsumori, CBYC