Saturday, December 31, 2011

ASPBYC Junior Yachtsperson of the Year

ASPBYC Junior Yachtsperson of the Year

This award and perpetual trophy shall be given to a junior or a junior team who will not reach their ighteenth birthday by December 1, of the year in which they compete, and who is a member or whose parents are members of a recognized yacht club of the Association of San Pedro Bay Yacht
Clubs. Determination for the award shall be based upon the applicant's record for the one year in which the trophy is to be awarded. Emphasis for the award shall be placed on, but not limited to the following guidelines. 

  • Demonstrate superior sailing ability along with the highest standards of sportsmanship.
  • Number of races skippered.
  • Racing record (number of races skippered and won).
  • Participation as skipper, crew, or team, in major sailing regattas.
  • Participation in yacht club sponsored activities.

The perpetual trophy shall be displayed for one year in the recipient's yacht club, or any of the Association of San Pedro Bay Yacht Clubs clubhouse of his or her choice. The trophy remains the property of the Association, which shall have sole right to determine its disposition. Each recipient will also receive a take home memento of the award. The trophy must be awarded no more than once per year, to no more than
one individual or team award. The trophy need not be awarded if a candidate is not represented with sufficient qualifications. Previous winners are eligible. Each Association member club may nominate one or more candidates each year. Nominations must be in writing, signed by a flag officer of the nominating
club and shall include sufficient information on the candidates qualifications to enable the Selection Committee to reach a decision. Nominations must be filed with the Secretary of the Association by November 1, each year. The Selection Committee shall consist of five members, one of whom shall be
the Chairman, all appointed by the Commodore of the Association. The Selection Committee shall meet as soon after November 1 of each calendar year as may be convenient for the purpose of considering the nominations. The Selection Committee shall carefully consider all of the nominations and shall recommend
that none, or one, or more than one of the nominees named be considered at a special December meeting of the Selection Committee, and the vote of the majority of the delegates at that meeting shall determine the recipient of the award. The Deed of Gift may be amended at any time by a two-thirds vote of the delegates
at a meeting of the Association, provided written notice of the proposed amendment has been delivered or mailed postage prepaid to each member club at least thirty (30) days prior to the meeting at which the amendment is to be considered.

Deed of Gift filed May 20, 1987 by the Association Secretary, Richard Goodman, CBYC
Deed of Gift Amended and Filed April 7, 2009 by the Association Secretary, David C. Robertson, LBYC

2017 Lucas Kraak CBYC
2015 Cameron Feves CBYC
2014 Sawyer Gibbs ABYC
2013 Jessica McJones (LAYC) and Kyle Blair (LBYC)
2011Jack Jorgensen ABYC
2010 Riley Gibbs ABYC
2009 Jack Jorgensen/Samantha Gebb ABYC
2008 Korbin Kirk LBYC
2007 Sydney Bolger ABYC
2006 Ian Paice LBYC
2005 Ryan Hoeven CBYC
2004 Ian Paice LBYC
1997 J.M. Modisette LAYC
1996 Alex Uniack HHYC
1994 Alex Uniack HHYC
1993 Billy Uniack HHYC
1982 Mark Ivey HHYC
1991 Kevin Richards LAYC
1990 Andy Zinn CBYC
1989 Jonathan Greening ABYC
1988 Catherine Ivey HHYC
1987 Amber Morrow HHYC